JFD Shirt Promo

  • $75.00

This shirt is part of a movement! 

Apply for a $50 discount on this shirt or pay the full $75 price.

To apply,

You will need to go out and help someone! Really help them!  Don't just give a homeless person money, go out and buy them a blanket, give them a job, take them out to eat or do something that really makes a difference in their life.  As you do it though; record it and tag us on instagram #BTD #justfuckingdid and we will find you and DM you a Coupon code to redeem your shirt! So when you do (or did) you can say that you (and many others) "Just Fucking did" something to help make the world a better place. Together.  Also, we will collect all videos and pics #tagged and sent and put them together to make one awesome video of everyone coming together to make a difference in the world. 

Be the difference!

If all of that is too much, you can pay $75 and we will use all of the money made from the JFD shirt to go back into one of two things, first is replacing the shirt you bought of course, second is going to help those in need.

No one here at BTD gets a dime off of these.

they are for helping others only.