We Are The Big Tex Disciples

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We Are The Big Tex Disciples

This is our mission statement:


1. We help others build their dreams.

2. We really listen to what others need, and help them figure out the best solution.

3. We connect them with whatever resources they need, and use positive networking strategies.

4. We treat others with a shocking level of respect, as to make an example of how people should be treated.

5. In everything we do, we do it with a supreme level of work ethics, craftsmanship and care, with the intent to set the bar at its peak.

5. We never give up. (That’s what others do, that’s not us) We start and finish strong.

7. We set an example for greatness by upholding the highest level of virtue, discipline and character.

8. We are to always set ourselves apart, as we are not to be swayed by corruption or misdirection, even if it means we stand alone.

9. We hold ourselves accountable and take an ultimate level of responsibility for our actions.

10. We are the difference in people's lives. We must act as thought we are their life line and the hope for a better future.

11. We uphold a high level of internal strength by carrying ourselves in a manner of humble conviction and self awareness in all we do.

12. We truly have love and compassion for the world around us, and we take on the responsibility of making it a better place.